White Chakra Bracelet

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This White Chakra Bracelet combines all seven elements; earth, fire, air-water, wood, metal, and aether. All bead colors represent a different element. The 7 semi-precious stones have been rigorously selected for their great quality and beneficial virtues, widely recognized in lithotherapy. Their presence is essential to harmonize the chakras and allow you to maintain general well-being in everyday life.

Many believe keeping them with you at all times brings good fortune and balance to your life. Looks classy with any outfit and can easily be combined with other bracelets to create unique looks. Great gift for your lover, family, friend. Get yours now while on Sale.

Good for going party or banquet. 

This bracelet is perfect for spiritually inclined people who love relaxation. 

The stones will restore them and rebalanced them whenever it is necessary.

You can protect your vital energy, be it physical, mental, spiritual, and even intellectual.